Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We loves the little kittens from LSU... so cute and cuddly

Nicknamed "Tigers". So
Unique (um... Auburn, Clemson
Memphis, Princeton...), no?

Four LSU kids
Break curfew. Suspended? Of
Course... for first series.

Lesson to be learned:
If you want to play, you can't
shoot anyone... much.

Question: am I wrong
that LSU fans by rule
Have few or no teeth?

Time to end the bowl
Streak, Charlie. Go Irish, Beat
LSU kittens!

JC is in 'da house

Dear tiny, 8 pound
6 ounce baby Jesus - please
make the bowl streak end!

Go Irish - Beat Tigers!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mud Dogs win the Bourbon Bowl!

While in New Orleans
Charlie hits recruiting trail hard -
Lands five star Boucher

At Pat O'Brien's
One can make money for booze
By selling used glassware.

The Key to the Game:
Make sure JaMarcus Russell
Stays on Bourbon Street

Patino and Cards:
A roundball appetizer
Captain Toke on bench

Thirteen years ago?
Die monkey! Get off our back!
Huh. He said "get off".