Thursday, August 31, 2006

Identity Crisis

Yellow Jackets or
Rambling Wreck of Georgia Tech.
Either way: Losers.

I Pity the Foolin'

Contributions from Foolin'... our newest Haiku-er:

Passer Brady Quinn
can break all ND records.
Twelve games to Heisman

Darius Walker
will rush two hundred yards with
home field advantage.

Gailey at the helm,
Cox and Ball in the backfield;
“Jacket” joke somewhere…

3 Live Crew

Every 'ting you want -
Brady, Zibby and Travis.
Me love you long time!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beat the Meat Bees

States Yellow Jackets also
Are known as meat bees.

Problem with meat bees?
Try insecticide, like a
Potent passing game.

Their D C is Jon
Tenuta. May as well be
Judy Tenuta.

Head Coach is named Chan.
Who names their son "Chan?" Didn't
they love their own kid?

Nigerian word meaning
"Gonna fuck you up."

Burn HIgh Your Fires

Submissions from The Constrictor:

Herbstreit says 12 wins
Mark May's head still up his ass
I pity the fool.

Thank you Coach Urban
For going to Florida.

Hard working, nasty.
Charlie Weis philosophy?
Or Mugsy's left hand?

Haikus difficult
About average Georgia Tech.
Blah Yellow Jackets.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

16 days and counting

Good start to morning:
Band playing Victory March
First time this season.

Still over two weeks.
I've got Georgia on my mind.
And also Zibby.

Time to start stocking
up on Jello and cheap beer.
Joyce North - be there soon.

I will be fired before September 2. Bank on it.

Can't focus. Season
So close, can smell it. Charlie
Gave me ADD.