Monday, December 19, 2005

Mmm... Buckeyes

Buckeye: A tasty
holiday confection or
ugly ass mascot?

Tequila + Little Putt = Fiesta

Not a Fiesta
Til Hoyte busts Brutus Buckeye
Like a Pinata.

Fun things to do in
Phoenix: eat worm, hump cacti,
Hook up in stairwells.

Win or lose the game,
Hawk's the victor cause he leaves
With Brady's sister.

High expectations,
Touch of Nasty. Thanks Chuck. Go
Irish in Oh-Six.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Fiesta Bowl Bound

The art of haiku reaches dizzying heights during bowl season. Here is a sampling of new work by two of our featured artists, The Cleveland Steamer and Victor the Love Constrictor.

Dumbest undergrads
golf, art appreciation?
GPA one six

No academics
eighty-five thousand students
Your team should be good

Spent four years down there
Tried to be a Buckeye fan
Then I saw the light

- Victor the Love Constrictor (a graduate of the Ohio State Medical School)

Brutus Buckeye weird
A testicle for a head
Kick him in the nuts

Buckeyes still whining
About losing to Longhorns
Can we all spell choke

Invite the Buckeyes
To join in the haiku but
Cannot count to five

I hate OSU
Surrounded by the Buckeyes
Stench everywhere

- From the Cleveland Steamer (not sure if he holds a degree from anywhere).