Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just another loss for North Carolina

Lame duck coach Bunning
Supposed to be nice guy. But
one and seven's bad.

If NC loses
It's just another loss. A
Win makes their season.

Reality is
Come Saturday, UNC
Will be one and eight.

Who does NC hire
To replace Bunning? If they're
Lucky... Johnelle Smith.

Johnelle Smith is a
baby blue coach if ever
there was one. Whiner.

Best reason to play
Football for NC? Tickets
To basketball games.


At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey this guy who bloggs for NCAA Football is going to the ND vs. UNC game this weekend and wants to know the best things to do.

“But I need help folks! If you’ve been to South Bend, and even better, if you make the trip every weekend let me know where to go, what to see, what to eat! I am sure I can figure out my way around, and getting lost on the palatial campus would be fun for a while. I wouldn’t mind some landmarks to look out for though. So if there are any golden domers out there, or visiting fans who can appreciate the place, speak up. And if you plan on being near Touchdown Jesus this weekend as well, keep a look out for me.”


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