Friday, October 14, 2005

Rolling on the Trojans

Irish will rampage
Charging hard through Trojan line
Leaving Bush exposed

Lost three in a row
Blowouts every single time
Irish pull upset

- Greany

I have a t-shirt:
Catholics versus Condoms
Old, but I like it.

- Anon.

Dragon-man Weis is
Trogdor the Burninator

Burninate SC

USC Songgirls?
More like BP wanna-bes
Binge and purge ladies

- Lorenzo TMP

Weis plan for Trojans:
Take care of business, then flush
The dirty bastrds

- Steve Jones

Bush and the Trojans.
Sounds more like a condom ad
than a football team.

- Kputty

Corso said ND
Would be 0 and 5. Corso,
You're just oh so dumb.

Mark May's a moron,
too. Why does ESPN
hire these dumb hacks?

- Hike-oo

Lost money on the
MSU game; who should
I take this weekend

- Lenny


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